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How to use quality printing to improve your brand

Published by Mireia in Impresión

If there is someone you should not lose sight of in your team, it's the design. Yes, we refer to him as if he were a protagonist of your day to day life. In this article we tell you why he is the silent ambassador of your brand and how you can take it to another level thanks to the quality impression.


Quality printing to improve your brand never rests

Creating a brand is to start a career in which you never stop. If you do not understand it like that, it is easy to stay behind while others from your same sector advance you and surprise people, making yours go unnoticed. Effort is probably the word you will repeat the most and you will not stop looking for ways to improve yourself. But even this has its positive side. And it is that during this career, you will discover tools and methods to create a business with the results you are looking for. In this sense, design is fundamental.

And no, we are not talking only about digital design and the content that is published on the web, as well. We want that after reading this article you truly understand how printed design is still the face of your business. For many advances that come to light and for a lot of technology that stands out, paper is essential in real life.

That's why quality printing will improve your brand if you intend to make a successful change. And if not, too. It's a matter of being clear about what you want to do.


Design business cards

First things first: business cards are the most important accessory for your business. If you have gone through this blog before, you will know that it is something that we emphasize but it is also what we detect in our day to day. Companies with business cards have more opportunities. This simple paper instrument represents your brand anywhere in the world and leaves a more lasting impact than it seems.

Or if not, think of it in another way. A bad card will be instantly unpleasant for the person who receives it, do not you think? On the other hand, if it is well developed and designed, it will have an instant positive impact.

Therefore, the first step in changing your business brand would be to create a new business card. There are practically endless options when it comes to designs but in Pressing we always recommend choosing the one that reflects the true identity of your brand and speaks for you.

  • Keep in mind the size: it should not be too big or too small.
  • Respect that the number of words is the minimum and write only what is important.
  • Always choose the custom design, with the highest quality printing.

Do you have a solid brand?


When it seems that you have already designed all the elements you need to launch your business, you realize that there is no balance between them. The same style is not breathed. Quiet, it's something that happens more than it seems, when you design things independently. To create a solid brand it is essential to design everything from the same vision.

And everything is everything. From brochures, flyers, labels, notebooks, folders and the accessories you need in your day to day.

If each product has a different design, it will cause a bad impression and it will be more complex to recognize the brand among the crowd. Before printing, make sure you have a solid brand.

  • The design should start with a previous analysis about your brand.
  • Your image has to project what makes you different and unique.
  • Likewise, you should connect with your target audience.
  • The objective is to reflect the personality of your brand and explain, without words, what it is like.
  • Have you created your own visual language? A logo is not enough.
  • Look for absolute visual coherence between all the elements.
  • All the information could be filed in an image manual.


Never dispense with quality


When we talk about marketing materials in the physical world, the amount of options a company can have is endless. From banners to custom cutouts, from mounted signs to vinyl decals and so on, everything you can imagine.

You decide how far you want to go and what you need to achieve, but remember one thing: never compromise on quality.

There are many ways to print digitally but not all prioritize quality. We could tell you that we take care of all the details and we do not leave anything to chance, controlling the quality of the work from its beginning until delivery. But, what if you let us show you?


We have quality control systems in each stage of the production process to ensure customer satisfaction.


We want to take your business to the place it deserves. That place where he is recognized and applauded. That place that you can only occupy for what makes your brand special. Being accomplices of this objective, our commitment is that you feel calm when you choose us because our impression of quality to improve the brand is a reality.

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