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Business Cards


Who are you, what do you do? What is your passion? How can we contact you? Where on the planet are you based? So many questions and all, in the same place: on the business cards that open up opportunities.

Behind the business cards can start a very interesting story for you. They can look for more information about your projects, they can ask you for a budget, they can talk about you if they know and admire your work and they can keep you in mind in the future, when they look for a professional and have your card at hand.

That's why, if you haven't thought about order yours yet, at Pressing we'll be the first to encourage you to do so. Take your time because we will continue here, waiting for your creation to print in the format you want.

From the classic business cards simple but effective to the most special. You can try our digital UVI relief finish or with gold and silver stamping. And if you want to be original, round off the edges of your business cards and let yourself be surprised, too, at how much you see the result. 


What should you count on your Business Cards?

Although it's up to you, we've collected some data that's always better to include in the design:


  • Your name: Because if you're going to introduce yourself, others will want to know who you are, won't they?

  • Your contact details: Don't forget that information that will allow them to call or write to you or even visit your studio. 

  • What do you do? You can write down your position or position or you can tell it in more words and describe what you do in your job. 

  • Why do you like it so much? Take the opportunity to convey the passion you feel for what you do. 

  • Your logo: If you have it, it cannot be missing as the perfect company for your information.


Organize the text, distribute it and introduce yourself. When you have it, you only have to send us your design and in a very short time, you will receive your business cards.

The best is yet to come and will be brought by your business cards. 

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