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Although digital books are gaining prominence, we cannot imagine the day when paper books have disappeared. In Pressing we think that both can coexist without any problem, for that reason, we put at your disposal the possibility of creating your own milled books.


If you are an independent author, or if you want to compile the notes of a whole course, or if you have a job that you would like to convert into a book ... In Pressing we have the best service of milled books for you, for your publisher or company, because we have the technology to print from one copy to a considerable amount of copies.


Do you know what are the characteristics of milled books? 


This type of binding, gets the pages glued on the spine and not sewn. For this reason, they are much more resistant and more modern.


To request a quote, you just have to click the button below and to fill in the form indicating the size of the book, the type of paper, its thickness, if you want to print in black or colored ink and other aspects on the inside of the milled books, such as the number of pages.


Then, in Pressing we will prepare your order taking care of every detail because here, we are still lovers of paper books, just like you.

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