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Mouse Pads



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We print short runs of personalized mouse pads.

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  • Material 300 gsm SYNAPS PVC + EVA rubber
  • Tamaño 18x26 cm
  • Acabado Rounded corners
  • Impresión Single sided printing
  • Plastificado Sand laminated 1 side
33. 27 €

There are many places that are your favourites and that you love to get to have a good time. Surely you are not thinking about your workspace but, since you spend so much time there, why not make it more special? Create a unique corner to focus and inspire you and remember that small details make the difference. As small and as different as a custom mouse pad.

We do not say anything new if we assure you that an organized and harmonious work space will help you to concentrate and feel better during your working day. Caring for the elements of this corner is essential. Maybe you like to surround yourself with plants or photographs of your loved ones. By the way, did you know that there is another, more original way to have these images close by? Why do not you design a custom mouse pad and create a unique model?

In Pressing you can personalize your mouse pad with a photograph, a logo or a message. In just a few days, you will receive a quality product with a great professional finish and full colour. When you place it on your desktop, you will not want to lose sight of it because, on the one hand, you will protect the material on your table and, on the other, you will improve the movement of your mouse. But if this was not enough, every time you look at your personalized mouse pad, you will miss a smile when you see the result.

We offer you the possibility of creating the models of personalized mouse pads that you need and in small quantities.


The combination of PVC vinyl and EVA rubber makes them resistant and very comfortable to work with. Visually, they emphasize by the rounded corners and we assure single side lamination, so that the design is durable. The days are very long and these personalized mouse pads will hold the rhythm.

More and more companies that take the corporate image seriously and decide to customize this office complement. When they receive customers in the office, they know that any detail can tell a lot about their brand and, that all employees have the same personalized mouse pad with the company's logo, for example, is a note of distinction that does not go unnoticed.

Get yours now in the simplest way or, if you wish, create an order with more quantity. In either case, digital printing will surprise you.

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