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What we do Personalization


In a market with hyper saturation of products, what can companies do to find new ways of contact with the customer? This is where digital printing can help you, because at Pressing we are able to print custom products, on demand, and also with all kinds of finishing touches.

But, what is personalization for?

  • To offer a unique producto or service, personalized for each client.
  • To adapt the products or services portfolio of your company to the needs of your customers
  • To create value for your products or services.
  • Cocreation: Get the client to participate in the creation and design of your products or services. 

And what is achieved with personalization?

  • An increase in customer satisfaction, as it perceives the added and unique value by offering a product or service with the characteristics the customer demands.
  • Loyalty. The customer feels being the centre of the company, so it is very likely that he is predisposed to trust again in your company.
  • An increase in brand awareness, which measures the degree of knowledge of a brand or product, by the consumers.
  • An increase in the rate of interaction between the brand and the customer.
  • An increase in sales.

Personalization print by print

As you can see, the advantages of digital printing do not only end up with the ability to print short runs, even of a single unit, or to be able to use different papers in the same run, or to be able to print on demand, or to have faster response times, which means to offer reduced delivery times, but the really interesting thing is that we can make personalized print runs.

Here we want to show you two examples of personalization that were achieved using digital printing:

If you are already convinced, in Pressing we can personalize your prints using white inkfluorescent inkUVI and even with Stamping! Send us an email to with your project and we will give you a bespoke printing solution for youJoin the Digital Printing Revolution!

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