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Web to Print (W2P)

Web to Print (W2P)



What is Web to Print?


Web To Print (W2P) is a web tool that allows you to create a complete workflow, from the design of the graphic product, to its final printing.


With the online editing tool, you can edit, customize and approve graphic products for your company from anywhere. You will simply need a computer with Internet connection from which you will also directly give the print order, controlling quantities, dates, and delivery points in 48 hours to anywhere in Spain.


This reduces production times and costs, automates processes, and makes work faster and more efficient.

Take advantage of our W2P / B2B technology

Benefits of innovative technology W2P


Web to Print (W2P) allows you to start the variable data on request printing process almost immediately.


The main advantages are:

  • The possibilities of personalization and perspectives are endless: materials, colors.
  • You can make last minute changes without any limits.
  • You can create different documents within the same print run: varying the contents based on a geographical area, sales territory or commercial interests of your product.
  • It helps the marketing department to have a global control of the brand image, for franchises and companies with multiple branches, points of sale and customers.
  • At a corporate level, it's the way you control your own branding image: colors, logos, design lines.
  • You can control the production process at all times.
  • Save time and money.
  • Stand out from your competition.


At Pressing, the largest online printing company in Barcelona, ​​we offer you the best web printing solutions for your company.

Benefits of technological innovation W2P


Producing your graphic products is very simple thanks to the efficiency of the process with Pressing and the digital technology of Web to Print.


We have software that allows you to create and manage multiple web service portals and automate the work process of our digital printers, from the creation of the document to its printing.


There is no need to centralize all orders: From any office or sales point of your company or franchise, you can access the platform and request the printing of a certain design.


In addition, together with printing services adapted to new technologies, we guarantee a personal and close experience.


You're not alone!


During the process you may have questions or need help. In Pressing we assure you the best technical support. We will solve any question and help you during the creation of your pieces.

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