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DTG printing

What we do DTG printing

Features Printing Digital Textile (DTG)


Printing Digital Textile - or DTG (Direct To Garment) is the technique most advanced printing of garments and textiles, can be printed directly on the garment readymade or make impressions on positional tissue.


Textile Digital Printing is used in virtually all areas, both in fashion and for work clothes, uniforms or promotional material personalized.

Advantages of Digital Textile Printing


We can print on demand: we do not require minimum orders (we can print from one unit) and there is no need to produce to stock.

It is the perfect technology to print limited / exclusive editions.

Customization on all parts at no extra cost.

We have no color or design limitations: unlike screen printing, they do not require any separation of layers, or photolith / screen preparation. We have 6 colors + white ink

Printing is integrated into the garment with a very soft touch.

The future of textile printing is also sustainable thanks to its water-based inks.

On what fabrics can we print with Digital Textile


We can print on: Cotton, polyester, cotton and polyester blends, lycra, viscose, silk, leather, denim, linen, wool and more.



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