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Digital die-cut

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Digital Die-Cutting


More and more machinery and techniques to be able to print what you imagine. It is our challenge and that is what allows us to fulfill your orders. Digital die-cutting guarantees the result you are looking for and the most exclusive quality.

Business cards but also brochures or any other product you need. Thanks to digital work, graphic design and modern printing are perfectly understood. This technique allows you to cut several types of materials with a rapidity of action and surprising precision. Until you see it, there is no power of imagination.

You already know that in Pressing we have the necessary technology to transform your ideas into a reality. With this technology we are able to do what until now was impossible to do with traditional cutting systems.

Creativity is what inspires us and deserves that we devote all our resources, including digital die-cutting.

Digital die-cutting has multiple possibilities and the visual impact obtained in elements such as creative brochures, displays, adhesives, coasters, labels or packaging is very high. The finishes are striking, different and unique. That is why, in many marketing campaigns, it is one of the techniques that counts most.

If you also play with other elements such as digital printing in gold or silver, you can still differentiate much more your products, providing a note of elegance and originality that you so desire.


What are the advantages of digital die cutting versus traditional systems?


  • The ability to make short runs, up to one unit.
  • We do not have the added cost of the physical die.
  • We can start producing in advanced.
  • We offer shorter lead times.
  • We are able to produce on demand.
  • We have no limits as to cut shapes.
  • We have a greater diversity of materials on which we can work.


Our machines can work with a wide variety of materials, such as: paper, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, foam, forex, PVC, adhesives, magnets and honeycomb carton among other materials. These machines have several heads that allow us to cut, slit, mill, as well as make an angular cut. In addition, thanks to our milling head, we can cut materials up to 1 cm thick.


We also make half cuts on adhesives, in any shape. We just need a document with the cutting instructions so we can start working. These instructions are sent from a computer to the machine so it can execute with complete precision, allowing us to have a sample in minutes.

The only limit of our technology is your imagination!

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This revolutionary system can be applied to the following:


  • Models and prototypes.                  
  • Folders with flaps with shapes.
  • Business cards with original shapes.
  • Corrugated boxes.           
  • POS exhibitors.
  • Cases.
  • Puzzles.
  • Corporeals (silhouettes of people cut to real size).
  • Stoppers.
  • Packaging.


The only limit of our technology is your imagination: and if you can imagine it, we can print it.


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