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What we do Stamping


At Pressing we have incorporated a new digital technology: Stamping in Gold, Silver, Bronze, Red, Blue, Green and Holographic that can adapt to all types of formats and figures to give your products a high quality metallic finish.


In the past, Stamping could only be achieved using traditional methods and this often involved a higher cost and longer production time. This new digital technology allows us to have Stamping embossed from a pdf with no need of making any plates, so you can have a real test while with traditional methods you could not.

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Gold, Silver, Bronze, Red, Blue, Green and Holographic Stamping!

  In addition, we have the possibility of making short runs, even runs of a single unit.

  It also offers the possibility of combining UVI and Stamping on the same side.

¿Dónde puedes aplicar este acabado exlusivo de Pressing?

  • Tarjetas de visita.
  • Menús de restaurante.
  • Bolsas de papel.
  • Invitaciones.
  • Packaging.
  • Tarjetones.
  • Postales.
  • Etiquetas.
  • Carpetas.
  • Revistas.
  • Adhesivos.
  • Sobres.
  • Libros.
  • Y muchos más.

The imagination of the designers is the only limitation we have, because we can print any shape you want.

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