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What do you want to print today? Or rather, what do you need? If the answer is the menus of your restaurant, in Pressing the freshly made services. As you want them.


To start with the starters, discover the models of menus thar we can print at Pressing. There are 3 main categories: paper, PVC and Dibon menus. Maybe you know the type you want but it's not a bad idea to know its characteristics.


The paper menus are the classics that can not be missing from the table. Some restaurant managers are still betting on them. With a matt coated finish, they are synonym of elegance, and we give the possibility of printing both sides as well as laminating. With them you can make a diptic or triptic format.


PVC menus are more resistant and durable than paper menus. One of its advantages is easier to clean.


The menus of dibon are more resistant and rigid. They are a perfect and original alternative for paper menus.


First, choose the format that you like the most. Now that you know each model better, you just have to place your order.
Second, ask for the amount you need as the time we have to receive the menus to the point you indicate. When you have confirmed with Pressing, we will begin to prepare everything to surprise you how much earlier.


When we print restaurant menus, our main ingredients are high quality printing with fast and competitive service.


Have you been hungry? Don't worry, because now comes the best part for some: dessert. And it is that when you receive the menus of your restaurant, you can already taste them and enjoy them. And your customers, too, of course.


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