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Team works

Team works


With the incorporation of the new technologies, the printing industry has experienced a real revolution.


At Pressing, a company founded in 1997, we have successfully confronted the challenge of incorporating technology into our flow of work so that offset co-exists with the best digital printing.


‘TeamWorks’ functions as a large, centralized and secure file which stores all the documents relating to a packaging/commercial and printing project: technical drawings, graphics, texts, logos, pictures and packaging elements.


It is an excellent management tool which organizes the different versions of each of these documents in a logical and structured manner.

Your central document files

Efficiency in packaging and printing

TeamWorks is a tool for managing projects which allows simultaneous work and communication in real time between the different professionals who intervene during a packaging/commercial or printing project.

Instantaneous searches
Finding the documents and the information that you need is very simple. The different search options enable you to locate a label with a specific bar code, a packaging design with a particular ink, a structural design for a specific type of material, a picture file, or any other information that you want.

Collaboration in real time
TeamWorks enables several people to work on the same document from different locations, by means of simple tools which facilitate communication and collaboration. It allows information to be seen and reviewed, comments and corrections to be added and documents to be approved through a standard browser and a connection to the Internet, without the need for any editing software.


Your information and files are completely secure. Controlled access by means of a system of authorizations ensures that your projects and documents can only be seen and handled by the people whom you authorize.


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