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Custom Stickers



Do not underestimate the power of an sticker! At Pressing we do not do it and that is why you can order them in our printing press. Make your order of stickers taking into account the format, quantity and quality and use them wherever you want. When you discover all the designs you can do, you will not want to stop.

Some will say that they are very small but that is because they have not had great ideas to personalize them. You are sure and that is why you are here, about to discover the models of stickers in our online store.

Pressing's family of stickers keeps growing. From the most classic such as round and square stickers to those who are still to invent because you are, precisely, who is going to do it. With us you can even customize the silhouette of your stickers so they have more visual impact and are more striking.

What kind of stickers do I need?

There are as many stickers as functions. If when you are going to place your order, you do not know which is the best model for you, get in touch with us so that we can recommend you personally. Before, to save time, you may find some design tips useful:


  • Do not overload the design with too many graphic details. In the universe of stickers, less is more.
  • Think short messages: if you choose the right words you can impact the same or more.
  • If possible, leave a space between the edge to place the design, so it will be cleaner and integrated.

UVI or Stamping?

Do you know how each technique differs? On the one hand, adhesives with UVI 3D enhancement varnish stand out for their finishings: they are more striking and impressive. In addition, this layer protects the printed colors and makes the adhesive resistant to bad weather. On the other hand, the stamping system achieves brilliant and contrasted prints, with an impeccable coverage. These two digital finishes and with the highest quality you will only find in Pressing.

Limited editions

The time has come to surprise. Imagine that in the next meeting, you give your team a collection of corporate stickers so they can use where they want most. Or that in the next meal with friends, you appear with limited edition stickers designed individually, thinking about each of them. If we know something is that they will be left without words and you, without stickers. But if that happens, calm. At Pressing you can always place an order again. Take advantage of our high quality printing and the possibility we offer you to customize your stickers!


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