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On-demand printing

What we do On-demand printing

What it is?

Print on demand is a revolutionary business model that has been adopted by leading companies in the printing industry, such as Pressing. This innovative approach allows entrepreneurs and brands to create and sell personalized products without having to worry about inventory, production, or shipping.


  1. Elimination of inventory: It is not necessary to buy large quantities of products in advance or worry about storage, which reduces costs and risks associated with unsold inventory.
  2. Customization and variety: Customers can upload their own designs, logos or images, which gives them the possibility to create unique and exclusive products. In addition, this model makes it possible to offer a wide variety of products, from t-shirts and sweatshirts to mugs, canvases, cushions and much more.
  3. Flexibility and adaptability: it is possible to make rapid changes and to test new products or designs without incurring significant costs. This gives entrepreneurs and brands the flexibility to adjust their offer based on market and customer demands.
  4. Low initial investment: By not having to invest large amounts of money in product production and inventory management, on-demand printing reduces initial costs for entrepreneurs and brands. This allows emerging or smaller scale businesses to enter the market in a more accessible way and with less financial risk.
  5. Automated production and shipping: In Pressing we can integrate into our customers' websites to directly receive orders to produce them. This saves time and simplifies the order management process.
  6. Reduction of waste: By printing the products only when there is a real demand, the waste of materials and resources is reduced. This contributes to a more sustainable production and aligned with the practices of environmental responsibility.
  7. Scalability: On-demand printing allows the business to scale more efficiently. As demand increases, it is possible to manage higher volumes of orders without having to deal with production or logistics problems. This facilitates the growth of the company in a sustainable way.

In summary, on-demand printing offers significant advantages, such as inventory elimination, customization, flexibility, low initial investment, production and shipping automation, waste reduction, and scalability. These advantages make this model an attractive option for entrepreneurs, brands and clients looking for an efficient and profitable way to create and obtain personalized products.

How does it work?

Pressing manages printing on demand through two channels:

  • is our web portal for our customers to place orders manually. It is designed for small projects that are just starting out.
  • API integration. At Pressing we have software that we can integrate/connect to our customers' websites so that orders are transferred automatically.

Once we receive the various orders, we produce them, package them and send them directly to the end customer. All our customers receive tracking information to resend customers.

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