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UVI Digital enhancement

What we do UVI Digital enhancement


As you know at Pressing we have never stopped investing in technological innovation to offer our customers the latest in printing and finishing applications. That is why we can offer them a Premium finishing such as UVI Digital Enhacement.


Where can we apply it?


  • Business cards.
  • Restaurant menus.
  • Papper bags.
  • Invitations.
  • Packaging.
  • Postcards.
  • Broachures.


  • Labels.
  • Folders.
  • Magazines.
  • Adhesives.
  • Envelopes.
  • Books.
  • And much more.


In other words, in all the prints with a format of up to 70 x 50 cm, and we can work with weights from 150 grams to 675 grams. We can apply the UVI on any type of coated paper, and any uncoated paper that has been previously laminated.


We can print any shape!


As it is a fully digital process, we do not require films, plates or screens, since we send the data directly from the computer and the machine applies, with a very high precision, the UVI polymer on the element to wants be highlighted.

The results are truly spectacular: you can touch and notice the enhancement, as well as discover new sensations that go beyond printing. Different types of UVI textures can be combined in one print, and applied double sided. We can as well combine UVI Digital Enhancement and Digital Stamping on the same side.

Personalization with UVI Digital Enhancement

One of the most important added value of this finishing is that you can personalize your prints with UVI Digital Enhancement, a fact that until now was impossible to achieve with traditional analogue techniques. You will get the attention of your customers.

Click on this link and discover in which products you can apply the UVI Digital Enhancement of Pressing.

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