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Greeting cards


One of the most classic sections of our digital printing company is that of the greeting cards. Pressing always bets on new designs and trends that come to our sector, but thanks to the format of the cards, we continue to recommend them for certain situations.

At Pressing we offer a wide variety of printed greeting cards. The quality and its luxury printing finishing always accompany the result of these classic pieces of the printing press. Greeting cards with UVI, stamping gold or silver, with white ink, die-cut or, if you wish, with special formats or papers. According to your tastes or needs, we will choose the most suitable design.

Do you know the difference between business cards and greeting cards?


The business card of a company or individual is the presentation card. It is the reflection of who we are or what we do at first sight. Therefore, the design is essential to convey how many positive feelings as we can.

The greeting cards, however, allow more freedom of when to use them. In fact, its use is more versatile and can be adapted to many contexts.

If there is a type of greeting card that everyone recognizes is an invitation for an event or a thank-you document after a congress. But the best thing about this product is that it can reinvent itself and become, for example, in some weddings that did not want a traditional design, they choose this format to invite their loved ones.

In the end, what matters is that your greeting cards are of a high quality and that is what Pressing can always guarantee.

Place your order online and we will send it to any point in Spain in 2 days. Discover another way to communicate with the greeting cards. There are more formats and supports than you imagine. Will you let us show it to you?

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