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How are posters designed? What do those who are so remembered have in common?

They are from another era but they survive in the digital era. And not only that, because they are increasingly present in advertising or in the business world. It seems that the craftsmanship and work behind the creation of posters is especially valued. 

We know that posters are the quickest means of impacting and attracting public attention. The best combination of images and words is almost like a mathematical formula. However, today, no one has been able to come up with the factors that formula has to include because there are many and all of them are different. 

The good news for you, who created yours and now you want to print it, is that you may be about to have in your hands a unique and exciting design. Having talent and a desire to captivate the public is a good start.

If you are designing posters for your business or a forthcoming event, leave the mark of your brand. In addition to informing and presenting, you need to remember who you are or who is behind that design. Although there are many ways to create it, we can share with you some recommendations for you to design your posters before you print them with Pressing:


  • Study the market segment you are going to present yourself to. Children's posters don't have the same approach as adult posters. 

  • Remember that they are not just words. Also images, illustrations or photographs. The whole creates the message.

  • When it comes to writing a few words, be clear that in this format, less is more, not forgetting that the message is easy to read and understand. 

Print your personalized posters in different formats. We combine quality printing with efficient and fast service. 


The poster becomes the strongest visual link and you can say much more than you imagine. We print your creation. You create something unique.

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