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Sustainable Packaging

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Brands are increasingly concerned with having sustainable packaging. Now there is not only concern that packaging is attractive and innovative, but sustainability is also taken into account. This is due to climate change that has managed to generate great environmental interest among consumers.


Sustainability appears to protect the environmental consequences. It was created to protect and guarantee the needs of the present and the future, always under the pillars of environmental protection, social development and economic growth. Assuming that the environment is not an inexhaustible source of resources leads us to take packaging into account.


 We live surrounded by products and, therefore, by packaging. Brands are increasingly aware of obtaining sustainable packaging because it is becoming a priority and necessity for the consumer.  


This is possible if several factors are taken into account:

·       Materials: raw materials that are fully recyclable, such as paper and cardboard.

·       Production: in the process, waste, carbon footprint must be minimized and the use of resources must be optimized.

·       Useful life: the design itself must allow it to be reusable or have multiple uses.


Many companies ignore the problem because organic packaging tends to be more expensive initially. Although it is proven that, in the long run, it generates more benefits, both economically and corporate.


What is a sustainable or ecological packaging?

Sometimes, we want to be among the long list of brands and companies that already opt for sustainable or ecological packaging, but we are faced with the problem of, and how do we do it? The first thing to consider are the materials that we must use.


What materials to use for your ecological / sustainable packaging?


Cardboard is one of the best options to offer in your packaging. Its strong point would be its rigidity, resistance and versatility. They bear a lot of weight and can be used not only for the packaging itself but also for the packaging and wrapping of shipments.


Biodegradable Materials: Biodegradable

materials are all those materials that can be destroyed by microorganisms, that is, their composition can decompose by natural action without becoming a contaminating element over time.


Within this group we can also find glues and adhesives, as well as completely biodegradable and even vegan inks (no compound of animal origin is included in their manufacture).




This type of material comes from plant products such as soy or corn. It is quite resistant, the vast majority decomposes in any environment and does not contain chemicals that harm the environment.


The most important thing is to reduce the plastic as much as possible. If you also use any of the materials mentioned above, you can already add yourself to the list of sustainable companies!



At Pressing we are very aware of the negative impact generated by waste and that is why we offer our clients the possibility of developing sustainable packaging for their products with us.


El Packaging Sostenible
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