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Decorate with corporeal letters: why do you like it so much?

Published by Mireia in Impresión

Decorate with corporeal letters: why do you like it so much?


The name of a little one who is about to reach the family, a positive message in a corner or a few words that love the meaning we have for you. Decorating with small texts is one of the trends that makes us feel better. And besides, it's easy to get it, more than you think. You just have to be clear about what words your allies are because we take care of ourselves. Today we tell you what the corporal letters are so that you fill your house with magic.

Decorate with body letters not only at home


You may not know that by Pressing those body letters you are looking for your house. You have seen it in magazines and you have loved the result. Thanks to our versatile machines, we have managed to adapt to the latest trends in decoration. Perfect for the walls or to personalize your furniture but also for special events. The letters have become essential in weddings, anniversaries and other events, but also in shop windows. Also, if what you need is a number, with us we will also create bodily numbers.

What are the corporeal letters?


In Pressing, we make them with a material called Foam or with another material that receives the name of Pegasus (material formed by a Foam plus a Forex of one mm in one of the faces).

The main advantages that have led us to use this material is because it is very light and that allows it to adapt to any idea you want to put into practice. The corporeal letters can be hung on the wall because they will weigh excessively. At the same time, it offers stability so that these pieces can be maintained if you place them on a piece of furniture.

They are very easy to manipulate so we can cut these Foam or Pegasus plates with the shape and size you want.

Can these letters or corporeal numbers have an impression on them?

If while reading this post you have come to ask yourself this question, the answer is yes. In addition, it can be done in several ways. One of them, is with an impression on the plate of Foam or Pegasus before punching and then get the shape you want; the other is to cut the Foam or Pegasus and then join a vinyl adhesive casting that carries the impression.

Both in one option and in the other, you can decide if you want to see the material by the contour or if otherwise, you prefer to profile it with vinyl.

What do you have to do to get your corporeal letters?

At the end of this article you will find a link so that you can send us a contact form explaining exactly what is your project with the corporeal letters as protagonists. In a very short time, we will give you a personalized quote. If it seems very simple, it is because it really is.

What advantages does decorating with corporeal letters offer us?

1. They are more striking than a poster or a poster, so you will get attention more easily.

2. It is a trend that adapts to any style and also does not go out of style.

3. It is a very original formula, especially when you play with messages.

To finish, we leave you with a selection of images that will awaken your appetite. But not the one to eat. The appetite as desire or desire to create and start decorating with corporeal letters.

The last photograph is even more special because the corporeal letters have been stuck with flowers to tune in with the romantic decoration of their surroundings. You see that the possibilities of recreating these pieces are endless.

Create, surprise and have fun with your corporeal letters.


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