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ISO color proofs

Published by Carles in Impresión, Trabajos realizados

Today, documents, catalogs and graphic works are created computerized and displayed on computer screens, whose characteristics can alter the perception of color, lightness and contrast of the final document. This is because monitors use additive colors - also called light colors: R = Red , G = Green, and B = Blue , while the printed document is achieved using subtractive colors - which are obtained by mixing RGB colors and offer a wider range: C = Cyan, M = Magenta Y = Yellow (Yellow) and Key (Black) so the colors we see on our computer screens are not identical to what we will see in the printed result of the job.


Due to this circumstance, it is always recommended to do an ISO color test prior to giving the job print order, with which to make a quick and binding verification to ensure that the final product is faithful to the colors, since the precision of color is objectively measurable. And in case any nonconformity is detected, we will be in time to make modifications. 


The importance of performing a color test


To achieve a successful final work, it is essential that the work done at the computer level agrees perfectly with what is expected in the final elaboration, and color plays a key role. The only way to check the color fidelity of a job is precisely by carrying out a color test previous. An indispensable tool to be able to rectify any error before giving the print order, and that finally the job does not end up with the adequate result we are looking for. 


While it is true that traditionally it was possible that too much attention was not paid to the quality of the final product and the right tools were not available to carry out tests and checks, in recent years digital printing has had a wide range of tests of color, which will perfectly emulate the destination and colors chosen to reproduce the print. 


Factors to consider 


When performing the color test, there are different factorsthat greatly influence the final result: 


  • The most important is the support to be used for printing, since the paper has different degrees of non-whiteness that provide distortion in the final score.
  • Of course, knowing the machine that will print the job well. 
  • Have the ICC profile: a set of data that characterizes a color input or output device (in this case, the printer), according to the standards promulgated by the International Color Consortium (ICC). With ICC profiles the test directly simulates the machine. 
  • The color proof offers great profitability since it has a low cost and avoids economic losses in case of invalid prints.


In summary, the color proof is of great importance for any printing business since through it the customer will be able to set their expectations regarding how it will be printed, and apply any changes that they consider pertinent. It adds value to the work done because with the print samples you have something tangible on which to make those changes. If the test is not carried out and the final work does not match the files seen on the screen, the client will feel unsatisfied since their expectations were not met.


At Pressing, we offer a variety of different supports on which you can carry out your tests:

  • 250 gram coated paper.
  • Metallic polyester.
  • Cling film.


In addition, there is the possibility of printing with white ink, on metallic polyester materials and transparent film, which give a spectacular finish to the final work, and provide added differential value to your product.

Pruebas de color ISO
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